Web Loader

Allows connections to your application from a website, granting users the ability to login and control the application's function
With KeyAuth, you can allow your users to login on a website, click a button to download loader, run the loader, and then the loader will automatically connect with the website and login.
The web loader runs a HTTP server on the TCP Port 1337. Be sure to not have other programs occupying this port while web loader is running. The Razer Synapse software uses TCP port 1337 so you’ll need to close that to utilize the web loader.
Customers must log into customer panel to utilize the web loader. You’ll see your customer panel link by navigating to If you want to put customer panel on your own domain, i.e., you can set that on app settings. Video tutorial here. If you want to change the design of the web loader, you could use
Console.WriteLine("\n Waiting for button to be clicked");
Above is a C# code snippet for making web loader connection
Last modified 2mo ago