These are all the settings for your selected application. You can change or create a new application by going to the "Manage Applications" page.

Resetting Your Programs Hash

If you have hash checks enabled, you can use this hash to check if the application has been modified since the last release.

Adding A Hash To Your Program

If you would like to add a hash to your program to prevent bypassing and altering of your program, you can click the button that says "Add Hash" and enter an MD5 hash. Make sure you enable Hash Check so it actually gets checked.


This is the status of your application. If you enable it then all of your users can access it. If you disable it then all of your users can not access it.

API Custom Domain

If you would like to setup a custom domain (still using KeyAuths endpoint just from a domain that you setup) you can do so. If you need help setting it up, please watch the tutorial


HWID lock allows you to only let users use your application on one device. If they register on one device but log into their account on a different device then they will be banned. This is a good option to use if you would like to prevent account sharing.

VPN Block

If you would like to block VPNs from accessing your application you can enable this option. If you don't mind if VPN users access your application then you can disable this option.


This is the version of your application. You can update this to whatever you want, however keep in mind whenever you update this you must also update it in your code or your application will not work.

Auto Update (download)

If you would like to set an auto-update for when you change your version you can do so by entering the direct download link. When the user runs your application and the version does not match what is in the settings, it will automatically download the new version.

Web Loader URL Download

Enter the URL you will visit for your web loader.

Discord Webhook

If you would like to receive alerts you can enter a discord webhook in order to do so.