Chats allow you to communicate with the users on your application.

Creating A Chat

If you would like to create a chatroom, simply click on the "Create Channel" button, you will then be asked to give the following:
  • a name for the chatroom ( you will need to enter this in your application as well, please view the examples on to learn how to do so ),
  • a cooldown unit, (seconds - lifetime)
  • a cooldown duration, (Ex, if you set it for 3 seconds, then users can only send messages every 3 seconds),

Clearing Messages

If you would like to remove all of the messages that were sent in the channel, simply click on the "Clear Channel" button and this will remove all of the messages.
Clearing messages is irreversible. KeyAuth will not restore any deleted messages.

Unmuting A User

If you recently muted a user and would like to unmute them, simply click on the "Unmute User" button and enter their username.